A Joker in the Pack: The Folklore of Playing Cards” is a book written by Simon Wintle and Gail Browne. It explores the rich history and folklore surrounding playing cards, particularly focusing on the Joker card and its evolution over time. The book delves into the cultural and historical significance of playing cards, as well as the symbolism and meaning associated with the Joker card in various contexts.

Playing cards have a long and fascinating history, and they have been used for a wide range of games and divination practices throughout the centuries. The Joker card, in particular, has undergone significant changes in its role and design since its introduction into standard decks of playing cards. Joker Visa Card

In addition to discussing the Joker, the book may also cover other aspects of playing card folklore, such as the origins of different suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) and the symbolism behind the various court cards (kings, queens, and jacks).

Overall, “A Joker in the Pack: The Folklore of Playing Cards” likely provides a comprehensive exploration of the cultural and historical significance of playing cards, offering insights into how these simple pieces of cardboard have played a role in various aspects of human culture and folklore. If you’re interested in the history and symbolism of playing cards, this book would be a valuable resource.

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