When is the Amazon account suspension appeal required? When your account is suspended by Amazon notification, it means you need to file a complaint to the system and wait for a settlement. If you are unable to do this on your own, you can contact the service providers for advice and information. 

Use the amazon account suspension appeal service at Amazoker

Amazon vendor accounts need to go through a rigorous system control process before they can be officially operational. In addition, if you violate the regulations or have problems with the origin of the product, provide incorrect information, the account will be suspended. Contact Amazoker’s complaints service to save time and be effective. 

A success rate of up to 95%

Maybe you don’t know, complaining about Amazon sometimes takes you so much time that the outcome isn’t exactly what you wanted. So, you just need to contact Amazoker and use the Amazon account suspension appeal service. Our staff are professionals who are always ready to support and advise you on any issue you need. The success rate of the complaint process is up to 95%. Every task will be completed by the staff and returned to you in a short time. 

Success rate when choosing Amazon account complaint service up to 95%

Supporting Amazon complaints until success

Amazon account suspension appeal is not just a matter of success. However, when choosing Amazoker’s service, you only have to pay once, the staff will support you until the complaint is successful. However, in some special cases, complaints may not be as successful as you would like, but they are very small.

Competitive prices 

There’s a lot of companies that support Amazon complaints, but not all of them have the same reputation as Amazoker. With the desire to provide the customer with the most complete experience, the price of the company’s services is always competitive, lower than many other units on the market. You only have to pay once, and the rest of the action is done by the staff. The length of the complaint depends on the status of your sales account. 

The seller only has to complete the service once and wait until the complaint results at Amazon

Amazoker’s professional process

After many years of operation, it has always sought to deliver the highest efficiency of complaints to customers. Therefore, when your personal account is suspended, the steps to unlock and restore the account will be followed as follows: 

  • The seller accesses the Amzoker website at https://amazoker.com/. 
  • Staff receives customer information, advises services to suit their needs. 
  • Customers sign a contract to use the service and pay the cost as requested. 
  • Amazoker employees start the Amazon complaint process and deliver the results to you. 

How to handle Amazon complaints 

Your complaint can also be submitted to the Amazon system by the seller himself. However, you need to understand the complaint process and do exactly what the trademark requires. Make a general plan to unlock the account. In addition, the complaint must contain the following elements to increase the success rate for the complainant: 

  • At the beginning of your complaint, you need to present your problem in a straightforward manner, not long lines. Give the reasons your account was suspended for review. 
  • In Amazon’s complaint process, information about the seller’s actions may also be involved. This action demonstrates how capable you are to solve your problem. 
  • Finally, you need to come up with a solution and how to maximize the possibility of your account being suspended again. 

Sellers can also file their own account complaints to Amazon 

Amazon account suspension appeal – What we need to do? 

The seller is entitled to file a complaint to Amazon, but the success rate depends on the circumstances. So, in order to have a high success rate, it’s better to choose Amazoker’s complaints service. In addition, the seller should take note of the following issues:

  • The seller needs to find out why the account was suspended by Amazon before submitting an order to Amazon. 
  • Provide proof that your account does not violate the rules of this e-commerce platform. 
  • You should start your complaint with scientific language, clear, concise and should not provide irrelevant information. 
  • When the account is suspended, the seller should not blame the buyer. 
  • When choosing an Amazon complaint support unit, read the terms and conditions carefully. In this way, you are guaranteed right back and obtain the desired effect of the complaint. 

Provide proof that your personal account does not violate Amazon regulations

Amazon account suspension appeal is a problem that sellers may encounter when trading a particular item on Amazon. Sometimes, just if you violate a minor rule or take actions that make the system feel unusual, the account will be suspended. In this case, contact Amazoker for complaint support at the lowest cost.