Presently, we endure with a pandemic attack of SARS-CoV-2, which transmits through one person to another via tiny respiratory droplets. Once these droplets land on the surface it becomes the contaminated object, touching the object would be deadly for any individual when you feel other sensitive areas such as eyes, nose, mouth it can lead to infection.

Although not only COVID-19, other infections are also deadly for humans. More than thousands of virus and germs subsist on this earth. The practice of wearing a mask carries in Japan and South Korea since the advancement of the technology, but now it started globally.

Numerous precautions have already prescribed to humans, to stay out of this pestilence which negatively impacts the-health of billion humans, out of which wearing mask also becomes a compulsion. Still, the concern is this face mask keeps the germs away?

Types of Masks and their Usage

In this session, we discover about three different types of face mask and their usage where the pros & cons would be revealed with other details.

1. Homemade Cloth Face Mask

Prevent germs through a homemade face mask, as it prevents the risk of a higher degree in public places. We would like to advise you about some crucial points of its usage:

In open areas such as grocery stores, pharmacy wears a handmade cloth face mask as it Is useful to prevent germs
Do not put these masks on children below three years of age, as it causes breathing problem. People who are unable to wear and remove such covers, kindly don’t use on them.
Use a handmade cloth face mask instead of an N95 respirator mask, keep them available for health experts.
Healthcare experts suggest wearing a handmade mask along with the combination of a face shield.
Pros & Cons

They can easily make at home through non-used material
Cloth mask reduces the risk of transmitting germs from one to another person
Instead of wearing a cloth mask, buy surgical mask online to prevent the risk of virus.
These masks don’t replace the requirement for other protective gauges.
2. Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are loose fits & disposable; they only obscure your nose, chin and mouth. Surgical masks are also known as anti-viral face masks. These masks can be used only for once then throw it in recycle bin where it can get disposed and reuse again.

Anti-Viral Face Masks comes in different shapes and sizes. An individual needs to tie the mask behind the ears or put the elastic band behind the ears to cover the mouth, nose and chin area. One can buy surgical mask online as it is not readily available in the market due to vast demand.

3. N95 Respirator Mask

These days n95 respirator mask is available in huge quantity due to increase in demand. More of our health experts are preferring as COVID-19 patients surround them. Organizations buy N95 mask online to protect their health workers.