SEO is divided into Onsite SEO which is mainly about the quality and amount of your website content. And offsite SEO which is called link building. Through the words you use in your content, clients can find you on Google. The more content you have the better. Plus there is a plugin called SEO Yoast which you can use to tell Google which keywords are the most important. Also, this plugin analyzes if you need to make any changes in terms of SEO. Never listen 100% to what this plugin says as it is a machine and your content should have a natural feel to it. Never ever copy any text from other websites and if you do make sure you mix it among your unique content. There is a rule regarding using someone else content. The best is to change 80% of their content.

If you do your research right you will notice that many escort agencies in the UK have many galleries in terms of look, nationalities, services provided, and locations. Although some might be useful let me assure you they are created purely for SEO purposes. And every new page is an opportunity to use more fresh unique content with additional keywords. As every page can have only one main keyword. That is why you will find that every Premium escort agency has a blog filled with plenty of articles. It the best if you can produce at least an article a week and in our opinion each article should be about 1000 words long but a minimum of 350 words as a guideline says.

Offsite SEO

The most important aspect of online visibility is link building. Once you have an excellent-looking website (even if you do not have any girls yet). And you have done your homework and put an effort into creating lots of fresh content. Then, in order for Google to show your website on page 1 with your chosen key phrases. You need to add some strength by placing your website links on many other websites. The best if these sites are related to the adult or escort industry. However, a blog post like this one is extremely useful. Just one thing to remember is that so-called do-follow links are most valuable for your website as they pass some of their strength into yours. Lastly, google loves consistently which means that is worth it to produce the same amount of fresh content on your website and build a certain amount of new links every month.