The cases of medical complications in the male reproductive organs and urinary-tract system of both men and women have become very common nowadays. To treat the severe conditions of the same problem, the doctor usually performs the genitourinary surgery which is popularly known as Urology. Urologists are the specialists who consult these relevant issues and their treatment mainly focuses on kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, adrenal, penis, prostate and testicles. Urology is a very delicate surgery and surgeons require special types of disposable medical devices and supplies to execute the operation efficiently and cautiously. Here are the four most important disposable medical items imperative for different types of genitourinary surgeries-

1. Folley Balloon Catheter:

A Folley catheter is a long, rubber pipe and the tube has an inflatable balloon at its one end. It has two segregated channels called Lumens that run down its length. One of the channels has both-side openings and is connected to a bag that usually collects the urine. Another Lumen has a valve on the outer end and attaches to a balloon at the inner apex. In Urology, it is one of the most important surgical disposable products and it serves the purpose of an indwelling urinary catheter. Folley Balloon catheter is used to drain urine by clinically passing its flexible tube into the bladder through the channel of the urethra. The inflated valve of this tube is filled with sterile water to prevent slipping out from the bladder. This special type of catheter is generally made of silicone or coated latex.

2. Nelaton Catheter

One of the most important urology hospital disposables is Nelaton Catheter. Its use is required during the short term bladder catheterization. This catheter serves as a connector and it has a cap that fits the connector tube. It is mainly used for frequent interruption of urine flow during catheterization. Since it is pushed through the urethra, the catheter is made of thermo-sensitive PVC material that is highly sterile, pyrogen-free and non-toxic. It has properly finished sealed distal tip for smooth and pain-free insertion and it also prevents blocking of the lumen and prevents injury to urethra by abrasion.
Urethral Catheter is again one of the essential surgical disposable products during the Catheterization. Urethral Catheter is made of silicone or latex or polyurethane and this tube-like device is interpolated into the bladder through the urethra to drain urine until the patient retrieves the capacity of urinating on their own. Another use of this catheter is to infuse liquids during the diagnosis of bladder conditions. Unlike, Nelaton Catheter that is used for temporary catheterization, Urethral Catheter is ideal for long-term use.

4. Male External Catheter Penile Sheath

The male external catheter (MEC) is utilised for the remedy of urine incontinence in men. It is not injected into the body cavity duct or vessel, but it is a plain rubber or synthetic cover that is set over the penis. A male external catheter has a plug that connects a drainage tube for urinal pass. This is one of the safe and effective urological medical disposables and supplies for men and Sheath drainage system is a secure and painless way to stand against Urological problems.