We have a couple item review (infringement?) including the Jif one that occurred back in May, that we want to address in our record wellbeing page. Has anybody had achievement engaging one of these reviews previously? We have perused the necessities for a fruitful allure and have a couple of inquiries.

Above all else we fail to really see the reason why we get the infringement when we follow their arrangements on the question of reviews as everything is taken care of consequently.
For instance Amazon states on the “Item wellbeing cautions, reviews, stop deals, and market withdrawal strategy for venders” page:

At the point when Amazon learns of a potential item wellbeing deformity, it eliminates impacted postings right away. In the event that your posting has been eliminated because of a potential item security deformity, you will be told by Amazon by an Item Wellbeing Alert in 24 hours or less. account appeal

Kindly survey your stock and eliminate some other Amazon.com postings or item promotions that might be impacted by the notice, as well as any impacted stock that you might have with us.

At the point when Amazon tells us of the review, the postings are closed down and our Mechanized Evacuations makes an expulsion request when they hit the “unfulfillable” status, (in truth our evacuations have been stalling out in an in-between state frequently of late yet it can’t be helped). And that implies we agree with strategy which implies we shouldn’t get the infringement right? That is the way we grasp it at any rate.

Concerning the restoration prerequisites which are:

To restore an ASIN that was smothered because of an item security alert, review, market withdrawal, or stop deal, Amazon should initially affirm that all influenced stock has been taken out from all Amazon satisfaction focuses. Further, subsequent to eliminating the entirety of your stock, you should transfer a Letter of Consistence (LOC) as a connection to your case in Dealer Focal. The LOC should be from the producer, on the maker’s letterhead, and endorsed by a significant partner inside the producer’s association. The LOC must — at least — contain the accompanying data: amazon funds disbursement appeal

A short assertion of the justification for the review.
ASIN number(s) and item title(s) of the product(s) for which you are mentioning restoration.
An assertion affirming that all future stock will be consistent with all administrative guidelines and not influenced by the review or market withdrawal.
Pertinent security affirmations and testing reports.
The LOC should be submitted in PDF design.