Limited Availability: Due to reduced fleet sizes caused by pandemic-related challenges like reduced manufacturing and sales, there might be limited options available for rental, especially during peak seasons or in popular locations. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

Higher Prices: Increased demand combined with reduced supply has led to higher rental prices compared to pre-pandemic levels. Expect to pay more, particularly if you’re renting on short notice or during peak travel times. For more information please visit rent a car

Stringent Cleaning Protocols: Rental car companies have implemented rigorous cleaning protocols to ensure the safety of their customers. This includes thorough cleaning and disinfection of vehicles between rentals, focusing on high-touch surfaces like steering wheels, door handles, and key fobs.

Contactless Rental Processes: Many rental companies have introduced contactless pickup and drop-off procedures to minimize direct interactions between staff and customers. This often involves using mobile apps for reservation, check-in, and payment processes.

Flexible Cancellation Policies: Given the uncertainty surrounding travel plans during the pandemic, rental companies have become more flexible with their cancellation policies. Look for companies that offer free cancellation or allow you to change your reservation without penalty.

Longer Waits and Lines: With enhanced cleaning procedures and reduced staff to maintain social distancing, you might experience longer wait times at rental counters, especially during peak hours.

Health and Safety Measures: Expect to see signage promoting health and safety measures such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand sanitizing stations at rental locations.

Digital Documentation: Rental agreements and paperwork are increasingly being handled digitally to minimize physical contact. You may receive rental agreements via email and sign electronically.

Limited Extras and Services: Some rental companies have scaled back on additional services and amenities, such as car upgrades, satellite radio, or GPS navigation systems, to reduce unnecessary interactions and touchpoints.

Supply Chain Disruptions: Be prepared for potential disruptions in services or amenities due to ongoing supply chain challenges affecting industries worldwide.

Overall, while renting a car may come with a few surprises and adjustments, adhering to safety protocols and planning ahead can help ensure a smoother rental experience.