As of my last knowledge update in January 2023, I can provide you with some general benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS). Keep in mind that specific details or changes in the industry may have occurred since then. Here are some top benefits of Managed Print Services:

Cost Savings:

MPS can help organizations control printing costs by optimizing printer fleets, reducing unnecessary printing, and streamlining printing processes. lexmark printer toner

Improved Efficiency:

By outsourcing print management, businesses can focus on core activities, while MPS providers handle maintenance, troubleshooting, and supply management, leading to increased overall efficiency.

Enhanced Security:

Managed Print Services often include security features such as secure printing and authentication, helping organizations protect sensitive information and comply with data privacy regulations. brother toner

Environmental Sustainability:

MPS can contribute to environmental sustainability by promoting paperless workflows, optimizing printing resources, and implementing energy-efficient devices.

Proactive Maintenance:

MPS providers monitor and maintain printers proactively, reducing downtime and ensuring that devices operate at peak efficiency.

Centralized Management:

With MPS, organizations can centralize the management of their print infrastructure, making it easier to track usage, allocate costs, and implement consistent printing policies.


Managed Print Services are scalable, allowing businesses to adapt their print environment to changing needs without major disruptions or unnecessary expenses.

User Productivity:

Improved printer reliability and reduced downtime contribute to increased user productivity, as employees can rely on consistent and efficient printing services.

Compliance and Reporting:

MPS often includes tools for tracking and reporting on printing activities, which can be valuable for compliance audits and cost analysis.

Vendor Consolidation:

Organizations can consolidate multiple printer vendors into a single MPS contract, simplifying management and potentially negotiating better terms.

It’s advisable to check for the latest trends and updates in the Managed Print Services industry to ensure that these benefits align with the current landscape in 2023.