The Parking Sensors with Sound Warning S200 is a system designed to assist drivers in parking their vehicles safely by providing audible alerts when obstacles are detected. Here are some complete details about the S200 parking sensor system:

Functionality: The S200 parking sensor system uses ultrasonic sensors installed on the front and/or rear bumpers of the vehicle to detect obstacles such as walls, other vehicles, or objects within the detection range.

Sensor Technology: The system utilizes ultrasonic sensor technology, which emits high-frequency sound waves and detects their reflections off obstacles. By analyzing the time taken for the sound waves to return, the system calculates the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle.

Alert System: When the sensors detect an obstacle within a certain range, the system emits audible alerts to warn the driver. These alerts typically vary in frequency or intensity based on the proximity of the obstacle, helping the driver gauge the distance more accurately. For more information please visit Senzori Parcare

Display Unit: Some S200 parking sensor systems come with a display unit mounted on the dashboard or rearview mirror, providing visual feedback in addition to the audible warnings. The display unit may show the distance to the nearest obstacle using color-coded indicators or numerical values.

Installation: The S200 parking sensor system is typically designed for easy installation on various vehicle models. It usually comes with a complete installation kit, including the necessary sensors, control unit, wiring harness, and mounting hardware. Installation may require basic automotive knowledge or professional assistance.

Customization: Depending on the model and brand, the S200 parking sensor system may offer customization options such as adjustable sensitivity levels, different alert tones, or the ability to disable the system temporarily, such as when towing a trailer.

Benefits: The main benefit of the S200 parking sensor system is improved safety and convenience while parking. It helps drivers avoid collisions with obstacles, reduces the risk of vehicle damage, and makes parking in tight spaces easier, especially for vehicles with limited visibility.

Compatibility: The S200 parking sensor system is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. However, compatibility may vary depending on factors such as bumper design and vehicle electrical system.

Maintenance: Once installed, the S200 parking sensor system requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of the sensors to remove dirt and debris is recommended to ensure accurate detection performance.

Price: The price of the S200 parking sensor system varies depending on the brand, features, and installation complexity. It is available for purchase from automotive retailers, online stores, and authorized dealerships.

Overall, the Parking Sensors with Sound Warning S200 is a reliable and effective aftermarket solution for enhancing parking safety and maneuverability in various driving scenarios.