Acrylic paints have been around for a while, and what makes them unique is that while they are water-based, they are water-resistant when dry. The application to walls and other vertical surfaces has been explored, but it is now being deployed as a Roof paint solution too.

To understand this better, we look at the benefits, and the science behind the same. While variants exist in terms of solutions, Acrylic paint can be applied on almost all surfaces (concrete block, masonry, stucco), is durable, aesthetic, and besides being water-resistant – which is a huge advantage in ensuring longevity of the structure – is also great as a reflective surface (white or pastel colors). The heat thus prevented in entering the habitable area, becomes a non-issue in cooling systems and saves energy. The bond strength of such restorative paints and work is high.

However, there are some things that would be best to remember while getting such work done-

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  • Surface needs to be pressure washed so that the adhesion of the coating can be proper and effective
  • Multiple layers (usually two) of mastic are done especially over joints, after using a tissue like a polyester cloth between two applications to create a better and impervious bonding. Some variants use a multiple (double) coating on the entire surface.
  • Repair areas that have acquired rust or have corrosion setting in
  • Line and cover the joints of AC ducts, ventilation chambers, gas pipes, etc with membrane after an application of mastic. Apply one layer of mastic again over the membrane.
  • All seams, joints, ridges, etc, are covered with a coat of mastic to seal it.
  • The base coat of paint is then applied
  • Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions – some use a variation of the procedure; enquire about the reason for the change
  • Visit a recently concluded work and one where work was done a year or more ago, and speak to the users of the space about their opinion of the same.
  • Check and ask for warranty and extendable warranty on the work. If a manufacturer is sure of his/her product, they really should not have any trouble extending the warranty if it does last and do what they say about it.

At a time when energy requirements and costs are escalating, cost of construction are spiraling, everyone looks for a good product and great service – read that as longevity, low maintenance, and trustworthiness to do its job.

Acrylic paint coating offers all that and many have turned to this new wonder product after promises from many others that did not quite deliver along promised lines. The benefits are large; just ensure you ask for a reputed product.